Abu Dhabi is a Vibrant City That Has It All!

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Ocean-loving Krews Founder, Ahmed Eisa Alqubaisi, took a few minutes to speak to us about what makes him tick. Krews (previously SportyQ) is an Abu Dhabi-born social networking platform that allows users to easily plan, organize or even book their social and sporting activities with friends and family… all at the tap of a button.

With the winter in full force, Abu Dhabi residents can take advantage of the great weather by getting out and about, getting fit and arranging social activities with friends. Fancy a night out? Want to get back into social football? Krews has you covered.

As the brainchild of Ahmed and his late older brother, Abdulla Eisa Alqubaisi, Krews took the decision to apply to the Hub71 Incentive Program and was accepted. Krews founder finds that the creative space allows him to come up with new ideas and grow the company.

Krews is a community-based Apple and Android app helping users to live life to the fullest by eliminating the hassle of organizing sporting and social events in the vibrant UAE.

Krews allows people to forgot about carrying cash and allows you to simply repay friends without the hassle of passing out bank details. Krews is a secure and safe platform which is free to join. Join the Krews community today and take your social life to the next level.

  • What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

My inspiration came from seeing a gap in the market which we were certain we could solve, so we dived in and tackled it head-on.

  • Who is your hero?

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. Seeing his consistent and relentless drive inspires and motivates me to do the same.

  • What was it that attracted you most about Hub71?

Hub71 is a great space to create and is conveniently situated. The environment is ideal for getting things done and everyone here is easy to work alongside with. It’s a diverse space with different start-ups, industries and people working together. Hub71 offers key ‘make-or-break’ advantages, access to capital, access to global markets and a favorable business environment. This makes a huge difference; you can’t find this kind of support anywhere else in Abu Dhabi.

  • What is unique about your business?

Krews was envisioned and brought to life in Abu Dhabi.

  • What would you say is your best personality attribute that contributes to your success as a founder?

Although it is very early days yet, my determination, persistence and hard work are traits that I believe to be important. I’d like to think that it’ll be a combination of this, plus a bit of luck – that will contribute to our ultimate success. It’s easy to get somewhere when you know where you’re going, but at Krews, we’re trekking through unchartered territory, which is what drives me.

  • What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

Tangier, Morocco. It is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. If anyone knows me, they know my love for nature and the ocean. Other than that, the city has amazing food, cross-cultural influences and a natural landscape that I could stare at all day.

  • What is your favorite thing about living in Abu Dhabi, and why?

Abu Dhabi is truly my favorite place in the world. It’s where I was born and where I grew up. The city has a certain energy about it like no other. My favorite thing is how vibrant and ever-changing the city is. I love that I get to live in a place that caters for people from every walk of life and works in perfect harmony.

  • Describe your typical weekend?

My ideal and typical weekend would be spending time with my family and friends by the beach or out at sea.

  • What advice would you give anyone who’s considering starting up for themselves?

There is no dream too big. Good days will fluctuate. Ultimately, it’ll be your determination and drive that determines your final outcome.

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