Entrée Capital provides multi-stage funding for innovative start-ups and companies all over the world. Entrée Capital was founded by successful entrepreneurs with a track record of having successfully invested and exited over twenty businesses on five continents in the past decade.

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We invest in great teams and build great businesses

First comes the team - that’s why we look for experienced people with passion, intelligence, and a can-do attitude. We grow based on sound financial principles that create positive gross margins and thus value that investors are willing to pay for repeatedly.

We've been founders before. We put ourselves in your shoes and ask "What would I do?" This is a key principle that guides our approach.


True Partnership, Fair Terms, Resilience

Our expertise lies in supporting our founders. We work closely with our portfolio companies to achieve our common aim of winning together.

Your first round sets the road for future rounds. We are in it for the long haul so we believe in fair terms that will make sure that you get there. Access to capital and substantial reserves allows us to be resilient to weather a storm. We will be with you through the ups and downs.



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