VentureSouq is a MENA-based venture capital firm investing in high growth early-stage technology companies.

The MENA region has around 380 million people. Collectively, it has everything – deep, concentrated pools of capital, abundant natural resources, highly talented and educated workforce, governments willing to push the regulatory envelope.

  • Headquartered in the UAE with a team in KSA.
  • We are a MENA-based early stage venture capital firm.
  • We are a Venture Capital Fund Manager entity in the Abu Dhabi Global Markets that is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets FSRA.

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  • We are focused on high growth, high margin, digital companies that are solving everyday problems.
  • Leveraging our global network, we play an active role in helping our portfolio companies scale, hire key personnel, enter new markets, and work through challenges.
  • We provide educational content around venture investing delivered via a number of programs throughout the region.

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