Proteinea uses mass produced insect larvae for recombinant protein production

Proteinea is an insect-based biotechnology platform, integrating biology with engineering and molecular sciences to accelerate building with biology.

Proteinea has developed a patent-pending technology for using insects as mini-bioreactors to produce recombinant proteins on scale at a significantly lower cost. It’s robust, scalable, and significantly more advantageous than conventional bioreactors.



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Proteinea is disrupting the bio-manufacturing market using insects

Proteinea uses mass-produced insects for recombinant protein production. This could mean cheaper and faster vaccines, pharmaceuticals, bioplastics, bioelectronics, agricultural products, and much more. Proteinea are utilizing the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly that has huge scalability potential which is already being produced in tons daily. Proteinea’s platform technology for bio-manufacturing is patent pending.





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Redefining the economics of building with biology

Proteinea is an insect-based bio-manufacturing platform that integrates mass-reared insects with engineering, biology, and molecular sciences to accelerate building with biology.

Proteinea is a multidisciplinary team redefining the economics of building with biology.

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