Yanzo provides a virtual assistant to purchase items and services anytime, anyplace

Yanzo is an on-demand concierge service using Whatsapp and other messaging services. The company acts as an assistant to users requiring anything from booking a flight ticket to throwing a birthday party to a simple pick up from the mall and everything in between.

The service enables users to delegate any task to Yanzo, which will provide an upfront price for the item or service, without any commitment.



What we do
Yanzo uses messaging services to deliver services for users on their behalf

Yanzo uses WhatsApp, SMS, and social media channels direct messages to find, book, buy, deliver and do anything for users in Dubai.

Through one click, Yanzo provides an upfront total price before proceeding with any order. No Yanzo fees are charged, only processing fees when an order is confirmed. Users can leave the conversation on WhatsApp at anytime if they do not want to proceed.



Yanzo is an on-demand concierge service

Yanzo provides a trustworthy and reliable service to deliver items and services for consumers needing to delegate tasks.

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Who we are
المؤسس المشارك، يانزو

محمد جعفر

“نحن متحمسون للغاية لأن نكون جزءاً من منظومة Hub71 ومجتمعها العالمي من الشركات الناشئة المثيرة للاهتمام. وهو ما يتيح لنا فرصة فريدة لمشاركة الخبرات وتسريع عملية التعلم لدينا.”

Mohammed Jaffar

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