What is Hub71?

Hub71 is a global ecosystem located in the heart of Abu Dhabi offering an interconnected network to enable innovation and growth opportunities for transformational tech companies and startups. Alongside strategic partners Microsoft, SoftBank Vision Fund, Abu Dhabi Global Market and Mubadala, Abu Dhabi’s Hub71’s mission is to create an optimal environment for outstanding innovation making economic and social impact.

Supported by world-leading technology companies, venture capitalists, exceptional talent and Abu Dhabi’s government’s accelerator program ‘Ghadan 21’, Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 offers a community of world-class innovators and access to capital required to help startups and entrepreneurs develop, scale and build transformational businesses.

What is Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 looking to achieve?

Our aim is to make Abu Dhabi a world-class tech startup ecosystem, driving entrepreneurism, job creation and innovation; helping to diversify the economy further. 

Why is Abu Dhabi launching this?

Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 is a flagship initiative of the government’s accelerator program Ghadan 21, whose mission is to make Abu Dhabi a beacon for technology and innovation. It’s the government’s long-standing commitment to innovation and building an advanced knowledge economy that provides jobs and opportunities for SMEs and tech-led businesses.

Over the last few years, the Abu Dhabi government has increasingly focused on entrepreneurship. We have seen the launch of funds, matching programs, accelerators, as well as startup & VC licenses. As the leading capital city in the region with the right infrastructure for startups and VCs, now is the time to support the startups.

Why Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the cross-roads between the east and the west, with strong international ties to global markets. Over 200 nationalities call Abu Dhabi home, so it’s natural that we’re connecting the world’s best talent, companies, universities under one roof, supported by a forward-thinking government with clear long-term policies on future technologies and innovation. 

Where is it located?

Hub71 is based in the WeWork x Hub71 community, Al Khatem Tower, Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Who should join Abu Dhabi’s Hub71?

Early and growing tech companies, VCs, entrepreneurs and tech companies can gain more information about joining Hub71 via the website www.Hub71.com and follow us on @Hub71AD #Hub71AD 

What is the Hub71 Incentive Program?

It is a program designed to reduce the start-up costs for innovative startups. For Seed stage startups with 2 – 5 people, companies need to have raised between $100k – $500k of capital. If they are successful in their application, they will receive 100% free housing, office space and health insurance for two years. For the ‘Emergent stage’ startup with 6 to 25 people, companies need to have raised at least $500k. Companies will receive 50% subsidies for three years, worth around AED 3.5 million in equity-free value. 

Who is eligible to apply for the Hub71’s Incentive Program?

    • Companies that will be considered for the Hub71 incentive packages should meet the following criteria:
      • Be high-growth tech companies
      • Target a large user base or potential pool revenue
      • Provide transformative technologies or business models
      • Secured funding in the last three years
      • Have a meaningful presence (majority of the team) at Hub71
    • Applications are open and can be accessed through our website www.hub71.com.

How many startups are on the Hub71 Incentive Program? And where are they from?

We have over 35 startups in our community to date and we aim to have at least 100 startups by 2023. These startups are from the UAE and all around the world – US, China, UK, Egypt, Lebanon; to name a few countries. 

How will Hub71 help startups?

It is our ambition to relieve startups of many of the key challenges they face all around the world. By working closely with successful founders, new startups, investors, government and regulators, Hub71 is in the perfect position to foster real change. We will help with:

  • Set-up costs – 100% subsidies for housing, office space and health insurance for up to five full-time employees for two years. 50% subsidies for three years for tech companies with between 6 and 25 full time employees.
  • Funding – ADIO are co-investing with VCs and startups, Hub71 also has VCs located within the community.
  • Licensing and visas: – Hub71 is responsible for nominating entrepreneurs and investors for the Golden Business Visa. We’re working with regulators and government to simplify and speed up these processes.
  • Talent – working with UAE universities to create a flow of exceptional talent and knowledge transfer
  • Market Access – Hub71 has strategic partners like Microsoft, SoftBank Vision Fund and Mubadala who will provide market access.

What is WeWork x Hub71?

    WeWork x Hub71 is the name of the co-working space located in Al Khatem Tower, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi. It is the first WeWork location to open in the pan-Arab region. Officially opened on February 3, 2020, the space spans three floors of open, collaborative and modern workspace. ADGM registered entities can rent space directly through WeWork or join the community through Hub71’s various programs. As part of the WeWork x Hub71 community offering is the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded people all over the world through WeWork’s powerful global community.


    What differentiates Hub71 from other tech hubs around the world?

    Hub71 will be addressing the following challenges typically found in other cities around the world such as:

    • High capital layout for startups in Silicon Valley, London, Singapore and Hong Kong makes Abu Dhabi competitive with generous living, office space and health insurance subsidy packages.
    • Regulatory challenges – working closely with ADGM to increase the ease of doing business.
    • Limited fundraising options – Hub71 has a network of global investors and VCs.

    How will Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 contribute to the UAE’s knowledge economy?

      By creating jobs of the future and advancing innovation, Hub71 is actively contributing to the UAE’s advanced knowledge economy. Hub71 will also directly connect innovators to the market to drive innovation within traditional industries as well.


      Who are the stakeholders?

      Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and the government’s accelerator program Ghadan 21 are the key stakeholders that launched the initiative. Through them, we are able to provide access to funds for early and growing tech companies and venture capitalists alike. Mubadala Investment Company is leading the initiative.

      Who are Hub71’s strategic partners?

      Microsoft, SoftBank Vision Fund, Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Global Market as the business enabler and regulatory partner.

      What is the role of Mubadala Investment Company?

      Mubadala Investment Company is leading Abu Dhabi’s Hub71. As an active investor in technology globally, Mubadala contributes to the ecosystem by offering its full support, expertise and mentorship as well as share access to its global network. Mubadala will also be an active investor in high-growth tech start-ups and venture capital funds based at Abu Dhabi’s Hub71.

      What is the role of Abu Dhabi Global Market?

      Abu Dhabi Global Market is a business enabler and regulator that facilitates the ease of doing business for startups and VCs.

      How is SoftBank Vision Fund involved?

      Masayoshi Son the Chairman of SoftBank Vision Fund gives his support to the creation of Hub71 and Abu Dhabi’s government’s vision to make the UAE a beacon for technology and innovation. Many SoftBank Vision Fund’s portfolio of companies will be joining Hub71’s global ecosystem.

      What is Microsoft’s relationship with Hub71?

      As a key strategic partner, Microsoft will be setting up office at ADGM Square and will contribute to the overall program development and design of Hub71. Microsoft is showing commitment to the region by having made huge infrastructure investments. Investing in advanced data center and cloud infrastructure in Abu Dhabi allows Microsoft to enable startups to build next-generation products and innovations with ease. Microsoft recently announced the first ‘Microsoft Reactor Program’ in the region for startups at Hub71, a free set of workshops to upskill the community in cloud services and Artificial Intelligence skills.