Unlocking Your Full Potential With Venture Capital Expert Charlie ILL from Investible

27 Oct, 2023

Following Hub71’s partnership with Investible, an influential early-stage venture capital firm in the Asia-Pacific region, aimed at expanding venture capital access for startups, Hub71 welcomed Charlie ILL, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Investible, to share his wisdom in the world of venture capital. In this blog, we'll delve into the key takeaways from the conversation that can benefit startups, investors, corporates, and anyone passionate about the dynamic startup ecosystem.

The power of founders: Charlie ILL emphasized the importance of evaluating founder scores and motivations. Founders hold significant weight in investment decisions, and investors recognize that a strong and motivated founding team can make all the difference.

Aligning with markets practices: In today’s business landscape, achieving a model-channel fit is vital. Startups must ensure that their offering seamlessly integrates with existing market practices. Understanding how your business model fits within your target market is crucial for success.

Geographic considerations: Having a hyper-local strategy, where startups adapt their business models to cater to the specific cultural and market dynamics of different regions, is also crucial. Considering these nuances when expanding into new territories is crucial.

The road to revenue: Venture capital firms value startups that can demonstrate revenue generation or secure contracts with customers. Outlining a clear path to revenue not only makes a startup more attractive to investors but also provides a strong foundation for growth and sustainability.

Funding and beyond: Founders seek ecosystems that offer support beyond funding, and that create a community where startups can thrive.

These takeaways will serve as a compass for those navigating the dynamic world of startups, guiding them towards success in their entrepreneurial journey.

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