Helping companies classify and extract data from documents through API

Handl provides a flexible API for document capture and data extraction by merging deep learning with human-in-the-loop.

The startup has an automated RPA Data Extraction and Recognition workflow, making it easier than ever to process any documents in a company.

What we do
Efficient | Cost Effective | Felxible

Handl’s technology merges AI with humans-in-the-loop, allowing the startup to approach even the most complicated document cases with best-in-class accuracy, speed, and flexibility for client requirements.

It uses automation, creating sets of services that allow banks, insurance, logistic, oil & gas companies, and retailers to solve more than 90% of tasks automatically without people involved.

How we do it
Improving human skills

GLEAC is a team focused on harnessing AI, techbology and people science to effectively show and prove that human skills and behaviour predict job performance.

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Who we are

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