Investing in the investor

28 Mar, 2022

Focusing on building solid partnerships and further attracting investors to enable funding opportunities for its startups, Hub71 hosted its second edition of its Abu Dhabi Decoded series that took place on the sidelines of the launch of Hub71’s 2021 Impact Report.

Titled “Investing in the investor” the session was moderated by Kushal Shah, Senior Partner at Roland Berger, and attended by Tammer Qaddumi, Founding Partner of Venture Souq and Ivo Detelinov, General Partner of Hambro Perks Oryx Fund.

The insightful session provided four key takeaways:

  1. Unlocking investment opportunities will be key to driving growth for tech startups in Abu Dhabi and leveraging untapped potential. To establish a sustainable tech ecosystem, investors require both a viable product from the startup and financial value.
  2. Startups need to ensure business continuity in an evolving industry by optimizing their position with investors. The way startups optimize their own position into organizations, needs to be dynamic especially for early-stage startups to ensure security for their business as more and more startups evolve into the ecosystem and further attract investors.
  3. Talented founders have been finding it easier to raise funding in the past 18 months. Today, capital and quality leadership are available for the best startups and business ideas in the venture capital community, with many more funds and sovereigns willing to lead and expedite investments.
  4. Corporates and government institutes are stepping into the investment scene. There has been an interest from large corporates to co-invest in startups with other investors in the ecosystem to ensure not only founders get a competitive edge, but also long-term survival.

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