Crafting the Perfect Pitch Deck with Nicole Glaros of Phos

28 Dec, 2023

Getting your pitch deck right can be hard, but with the right approach, you can transform this challenge into your greatest opportunity for success. Nicole Glaros, CEO and founder of Phos, stopped by Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem for a fireside chat to offer insights on designing pitches that captivate investors and highlight your startup's low-risk, high-return potential. In this blog, we have summed up the most important takeaways from the conversation to help you elevate your pitch game.

Building a meeting and email deck with compelling visuals: When it comes to crafting the perfect pitch deck, starting with your meeting deck can be the easiest and most impactful approach. The secret to an effective meeting deck lies in its visual elements, with images playing a crucial role in conveying your message. In fact, images can convey your message with greater clarity and impact than words alone. After perfecting your meeting deck, you can adapt it into an email deck for polished written communication.

Mastering your intro: When it comes to your pitch deck, the intro section is your secret weapon for grabbing attention. Think of it as the "hook" that reels people in. You've got less than a minute to make them lean forward, excited to hear more. If founders can master this part, the rest becomes a breeze because everyone's already excited to hear what you have to say.

Demos help entrepreneurs stand out: The key to a compelling demo is to show, not just tell. You need to break through the noise with visuals, videos, or imagery that showcase what makes your product stand out from the crowd. Remember, capturing attention in the intro is just the first step. The real magic happens when you dive into your demo, revealing what sets your product apart.

Business model section of your deck: Rather than relying on the often-vague top-down approach in your pitch deck, adopting a Bottoms Up Market strategy can provide valuable insights. This is a deep dive into understanding the total number of potential customers, their average contract value, and the percentage of the market you intend to capture, resulting in a projected revenue figure.

No bullet points, focus on nonverbal communication: Steer clear of the dreaded bullet points and intricate charts or graphs, as these elements will put your audience to sleep. Instead, focus on capturing attention through imaginative and engaging means: the non-verbal aspects - encompassing your enthusiasm, tone, visual imagery, design, and creativity.

Key points for founders to remember: Keep your message clear and concise by choosing one or two crucial points you want your audience to remember. It's not about overwhelming them; it's about making a lasting impression. Repeat these points strategically throughout your pitch—in the intro, demo, and business sections, and most importantly, in your closing.

With these principles in mind, your pitch deck becomes an instrument to captivate investors and highlight your startup's potential, paving the way for success.

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