A dedicated web3 ecosystem by Hub71

Hub71+ Digital Assets is a dedicated ecosystem to promote Web3 growth from the heart of Abu Dhabi. We provide an integrated launchpad that unites builders, regulators, investors, foundations, corporate partners, and enthusiasts. No matter where you are in your journey, there’s something for you at Hub71.
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Hub71+ Digital Assets

Are you a startup operating in Web3 or leveraging blockchain technology?

Hub71+ Digital Assets is a specialist ecosystem dedicated to unleashing the disruptive potential of Web3 offering a comprehensive support package and a route into the UAE capital’s marketplace. The benefits include in-kind and cash incentives and access to our network of leading regional and global government, market and investment partners. You'll also be enrolled in our 3-month guided track, powered by Elixir Capital where you'll gain access to their mentors, ensuring tailored advice to accelerate your growth in addition to taking advantage of Abu Dhabi’s progressive regulatory environment and world-class digital assets infrastructure.

Startups onboarded to the program will receive: AED 250,000 worth of in-kind incentives in the form of support services, and AED 250,000 in cash for exchange for equity through a SAFE note. High-performing startups are eligible to receive a top-up of up to AED 250,000 in exchange for additional equity, upon completion of the program or after one year.

Perks of joining the program

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Join into a specialized ecosystem with regional and global Web3 players


Gain access to VCs, fund managers, and investors looking to invest in the Web3 space


Enjoy a favorable regulatory environment for operations through ADGM


Connect with corporate partners and a global network of strategic partners, including blockchains and exchanges that are growing the Web3 ecosystem around the world

Ready to take the leap?

Hub71+ Digital Assets

Join the Hub71+ Digital Assets Community

By joining the Hub71+Digital Assets community, startups gain access to ecosystem players from our investment, regulatory, and Web3-based partners through our Telegram community and events. All you need to do is fill out a brief application to tell us why you want to join the community!

Benefits of being part of the community

The Hub71 community thrives both in our vibrant physical hub in Abu Dhabi and through our dynamic virtual platforms, fostering collaboration and innovation across borders. Our community consists of regulators, investors builders, developers, and enthusiasts alike.

01 - Thriving Ecosystem

Be part of the vibrant Abu Dhabi web3 ecosystem alongside local and incoming global players

02 - Curated Community

Be part of an up-and-coming community that you can grow with and help shape

03 - Partner Programs

Be the first to learn about partner program launches and special initiatives

04 - Networking Events

Enjoy networking with like-minded professionals through our newly launched series gmAD and other events

Hub71 Events

24 Jul

Info Session: A Deep Dive into the Hub71 Ecosystem

The Hub71+ Digital Assets Partner Landscape

Hub71 is proud to be partnered with leading companies in the industry.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Anchor Partner


Regulations Partner


Web3 Partner


Web3 Partner


Web3 Partner

Elixir Capital

Program Partner

Binance Labs

Investment Partner


Web3 Partner

Founders Dao

Web3 Partner


Infrastructure Partner

What can we build together?