Navigating The World of Venture Capital with Techstars Experts Andres and Oko

17 Dec, 2023

Venture capital can be a game-changer for startups. Andres Baretto, Managing Director at Techstars Miami, and Oko Davaasuren, Senior Director – Ecosystem Development at Techstars, stopped by Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem for a fireside chat about venture capital, product-market fit, and the entrepreneurial mindset. In this blog, we have summed up the most important takeaways from their conversation to help you navigate the complex world of startup funding.

Repackaging for venture capital: Sometimes, you may have a strong business model, but you’re having a hard time getting investors to buy in. In cases like this, you might want to repackage your pitch. This means giving your business story a facelift, using a narrative approach, and making sure to address any concerns investors might have about market size. Remember, telling a good story can be a powerful tool in convincing investors to back your business.

Accelerators for repackaging: Experts say that accelerator programs are super helpful for founders in refining their pitch, mindset and skills. These programs allow a structured curriculum that can speed up the process of making your business more appealing to venture capitalists. So, if you’re looking to attract venture capital funding, you might want to consider joining such programs to make valuable connections.

Venture backable vs. non-venture backable businesses: Did you know that not all successful businesses require venture capital? Some founders opt to build companies that are profitable without needing to share equity with investors. It’s important to assess your goals and the type of business you want to create before deciding whether or not to go the venture capital route. However, if you decide against it, just keep in mind that turning a non-venture-backed business into a technology play that catches investors’ eyes is tough, and there are no guarantees of success.

Predictive signals for product-market fit: Assessing product-market fit during the pre-seed stage can be challenging. Founders often struggle with their pitches. Look for founders who get customer pain points and are quick at getting things done. Past behavior can be a good indicator of a startup's potential for success.

Market size and ambition: During the chat, Andres and Oko also talked about how important it is to aim for the big markets. Andres challenged the founders by asking them what they would do if they had $500 million to spend over 18 months to make $1 billion in revenue. Investors tend to support startups with ambitious goals and the potential to disrupt large markets.

Venture capital isn't always the answer: Venture capital can be great for funding your startup, but it's not always the best choice. There are other financing options that might be a better fit for your business goals. Venture capital investment comes with a lot of pressure to grow quickly and you’ll have to give up some ownership too. It’s not for everyone! So, it’s important to check out all the options and choose what works best for you.

Ownership and returns: Andres talked about the venture capitalist’s point of view on ownership and returns. Basically, venture capitalists want to have a big share of the company to make sure they receive significant investment returns. This puts a lot of pressure on founders to achieve high growth and returns, but that’s just the nature of the venture capital game.

Portfolio diversification: Venture capitalists usually invest in various startups hoping that a few will perform well and make up for any losses from others that don’t. If you’re a founder and entrepreneur, understanding this strategy can help you make sense of how venture capitalists approach their investments.

If you’re trying to take your startup to the next level, venture capital can be a powerful tool to get there. But you must approach it strategically. Knowing what venture capitalists expect, the size of your market, and other financing options can make a big difference in your journey as an entrepreneur. So, keep your eyes on the prize, believe in your vision, and explore all the possibilities out there for you as a founder.

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