Our Community is at The Core of What We Do, And Why We Do It

21 Apr, 2021

What do you enjoy most about your role with Hub71?

Working with our diverse, empowered, and passionate community is my favorite part of my role at Hub7. Hearing the stories and journeys of our startup founders really energizes me, particularly as tech entrepreneurs are changing the world, and not in an easy way. It’s such an honor to work with our founders.

How does Hub71 create an open and diverse community that is welcoming to female founders?

Hub71 is creating a vibrant global tech ecosystem from Abu Dhabi, which is why our community is at the core of what we do, and why we do it. It’s therefore crucial that women are key players who can make a vital contribution to our community. I take pride in working at Hub71 where we proudly celebrate women in tech and ensure that our programs are always inclusive irrespective of your gender, ethnicity or background.

What types of collaboration do you see specifically among female entrepreneurs in the Hub71 community?

The women in our community are very driven, and they’re eager to contribute to the overall success of the ecosystem. For example, the co-founder of Jade Autism, Dr. Maria DeMello, noticed that some members of the community were finding their workloads challenging. She took the initiative to offer weekly Pilates classes to help those relax and stretch their muscles to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. It’s examples like these that make us proud to support a community who are willing to go above and beyond managing their individual business ventures.

From your experience with Hub71’s community members and partners, what is it about the community that most appeals to women?

In addition to celebrating and empowering the women in our community, Hub71’s team is made up of many strong women who are great at what they do, and is led by a female CEO, Hanan Harhara Al Yafei. We are living proof of a woman's rightful place in the technology sector. People see that our commitment to equal opportunities in our community is a reflection of our management team. We aim to continuously empower women in tech and encourage females to take a leap of faith and venture into the world tech.

What’s your message to young women and adults who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself, and in your womanhood. You have the right and capacity to venture into any field you’re passionate about. Dream big, work hard, and remember: “There is a woman at the beginning of all great things” – Lamartine.