Startup’s all-in-one solution removes the pain of global onboarding, compliance, and payroll, empowering startups to invest in and manage global talent seamlessly


13 Sep, 2023

Abu Dhabi, 13 September 2023: RemotePass, the UAE’s leading platform for managing remote talent, has partnered with Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, to provide the region’s highest potential startups with access to top-tier onboarding, payroll, and fintech services — enabling founders to attract the best remote talent worldwide and scale into global champions.

As part of the partnership, Hub71 startups will gain access to RemotePass’ platform to onboard, manage, and pay international remote workers in compliance with UAE regulations while offering a full range of financial services and benefits. Through a seamless experience, startups will have the opportunity to unlock a global talent pool while removing the traditional barriers to onboarding, such as generating locally compliant contracts, managing identity verification, and handling electronic signatures.

Eligible startups can access RemotePass’ services with a premium discount and exclusive services through the incentives offered under Hub71’s Company Building Program.

RemotePass aims to empower other founders within the community to embrace the future of remote and hybrid work in the UAE. A Hub71 startup since 2020, Remotepass has successfully scaled its business to become a trusted partner of the global tech ecosystem.

Karim Nadi, Co-founder & CCO of RemotePass, said: "Having been a part of Hub71's maiden cohort, we're delighted to be contributing to the community where our journey first started. We’re combining Hub71's foundational role in the tech ecosystem with RemotePass's unparalleled expertise in international onboarding and payroll. Our focus is to empower startups to tap into the vast international talent pool while removing the hassles of contracts, local compliance, and payroll. With trends showing 35 million digital nomads worldwide and 98% of workers desiring part-time remote work, this partnership will unlock greater growth for companies scaling in the region.”

Hashem Alkaabi, Head of Corporate Services at Hub71, commented:Building a strong team of innovators and skilled talent is vital to any startup’s success but finding the right profiles can be a challenge. At Hub71, we value the role of talent in contributing to startup growth and we are also keen to facilitate access to the best and brightest minds through valuable partnerships. This is why we are excited about the prospect of our startups accessing RemotePass, and witnessing how its technologies are contributing to the wider Abu Dhabi innovation ecosystem by helping founders address their hiring needs.”

Remote workers get access to a comprehensive suite of financial services and benefits through a Super App, alongside a virtual and physical debit card to receive payments in USD, among other offerings. This creates a seamless infrastructure for international workers to manage their finances and access global benefits such as premium health insurance, from anywhere in the world.

Hub71 is home to more than 240 startups operating in 21 sectors. Bringing together entrepreneurs, corporate partners, investors, and government entities, Hub71 has created a vibrant community that helps innovative companies thrive globally from the heart of Abu Dhabi.