Algocyte is the first Self-Monitoring Blood Count home device based on AI

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Meet the founders

Our team is thrilled to join Hub71 in Abu Dhabi. Being part of the Hub71 family is a great achievement for us. The great support of their Incentive Program is a boost for our company, to access the regional ecosystem.
Chief Financial Officer - Algocyte
Lionel Khalil
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Algocyte is created by Oxford Immune Algorithmics

Algocyte is originally from Reading, UK, developed by a team from Oxford Immune Algorithmics, which represents the breadth of the company’s core areas: AI & Computer Vision, Biomedicine, App and Cloud development, IoT Engineering and Market Innovation.

The team behind Algocycte consists of AI experts, medical leaders, pioneers in IoT and optical engineering at the forefront of science and technology. They are able to tackle some of the most pressing human health challenges such as cancer, infection, antibiotic resistance and tropical diseases.

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